Switched to VS Code

I’ve been writing code with Sublime Text from 2011 and never looked for another code editor. Earlier this year I saw a massive rise of Visual Studio Code, and I ignored. I was too happy with sublime text and I secretly wished VS Code’s death.

Earlier this month, I finally convinced myself to give it a try. And Oh boy! I loved it. I will not make this post longer why I loved it, there are so many and I think you already made your mind.

So finally, I’m using VS Code full time and I feel bad to leave my good old friend sublime text behind.

Finally, Thanks to Jeffery Way from Laracast for his amazing VS Code course. If you’re new to VS Code, I highly recommend taking that free course.

Live WordPress Plugin Readme Generator

If you’re a WordPress plugin developer and often publish your plugins, you know the pain of writing the Readme. I was searching about something that can reduce the pain and I’ve came across this awesome tool.

The cool thing is the visual readme builder that gives you live preview that exactly will look like in WordPress.org

So, Enjoy!

Credit: Tareq Hasan, CTO of WeDevs.



Hello World!

Hey there – I’m Bappi and this post is kinda obligatory.

I bought this domain more than 4 years ago to start blogging. But hey, do you know a word “procrastination”? 😉

Finally, at my 25th birthday (yes, today is my birthday!) I told myself – okay already, now I must blog seriously and more importantly, regularly.

Wish me luck! and I hope to see you around 🙂